Radio Stations

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To find out more about the stations in which I have worked, then please click the about me buton below.


CJMQ-88.9FM Sherbrooke

Monday 7-9pm 80s90s Show
Wednesday: 1-3pm Hitz Show

WRSG-91.5FM Middlebourne

Monday 8-10pm 80s90s Show
Thursday 8-10pm 80s90s Show
Friday 7-10pm Hitz Show
10-11pm Today's Christian Hitz Show

Internet Stations

Ourgeneration Radio: Columbia,SC-80s90s only (

Dance Mix USA-Unknown City-80s90s only (

Get to the point Radio- Connecticut-Top 40/80s90s (

X-LTrax-Sherbrooke,QC-Top 40/80s90s ( )

X-MAX-Shebbrooke,QC-Top 40/80s90s (

Radio M-Atlanta,GA-Top 40/80s90s (

WADX-FM 95.5 Bagher, Maine

Sunday 12-2pm 80s90s Show
Sunday 6-9pm Hitz Show

Internet Station