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Chris-Mar Studios handles all the production of the DJ Mike Shows weekly to 10 stations in the US and Canada. Zeus Media Group is responsible for the distribution to the stations each week.

In 2005, I began Zeus Broadcasting Group, an Internet radio group consisting of 4 stations. I employed several jocks to cover strategic shifts; rather than be a music juke box in the non-manned hours, I began looking at alternatives including voice tracking and syndication. To fill some of the void on one of the stations, I wrote, voiced and produced a two hour 80’s and 90’s specialty program “The DJ Mike Show”

Upon getting some positive feedback from Zeus Broadcast affiliates, I realized my passion for music and radio could turnout to be a career opportunity. One thing led to another and before I knew it, the DJ Mike Show was on several Traditional and Internet radio stations. In fact, I have also started another specialty show that has a home on a few traditional broadcast properties; a three hour CHR program “DJ Mike Hitz”




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